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DC/DC Converter Heatsinks

Please feel free to inquire about various different sizes, pin configurations, and custom heatsink designs. 

DC/DC Converter Heatsinks

DC/DC Converter Heatsinks
DC/DC Converter Heatsinks

Thermal Solutions International, Inc. manufactures a wide array of DC/DC Converter Heatsinks. Our DC/DC Converter Heatsinks are optimized to effectively dissipate heat and increase converter reliability in a varied range of environments. Available in a variety of size, height and pin shape combinations, these heatsinks are cost-effective, high efficiency thermal solutions for a wide selection of dc/dc power modules.



Our DC/DC Converter Heatsinks are configured to fit Quarter-brick, Half-brick and Full-brick converters from most manufacturers and offered in both Round Pin and Conventional Fin configurations. Our variety of normal height, low-profile, and high aspect ratio designs are manufactured to meet various volume, power and density requirements. Countersunk machined through-holes ensure easy installation and improved contact areas for optimum heat transfer.

At TSI, we believe in providing a complete thermal management solution to all of our customers.

We can help bring your products to market faster by offering reduced lead times and superior customer service.

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DC/DC Converter Heatsinks


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DC/DC Converter Heatsinks

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